Electing Democratic Socialists Up and Down the Ticket

About the NEC

The National Electoral Committee (NEC), comprised of DSA members engaged in electoral work around the country, is the national body empowered to execute the DSA’s electoral strategy through assisting locals with their electoral organizing and elevating nationally endorsed campaigns. The NEC includes subcommittees focused on the DSA In Office Network, Endorsed Campaign Support, Endorsements, and Training & Chapter Outreach.

NEC Members

  • Michael N (co-chair), Austin
  • Sabrina C (NPC co-chair), Chicago
  • Jennifer B (NPC liaison), San Francisco
  • Matt M (NPC liaison), Boston
  • Sofia G C, (NPC liaison), North New Jersey
  • Adam P, Columbus
  • Aimee D, Worcester
  • Austin B, Philadelphia
  • Bill R, New York City
  • Christopher O, Saint Louis
  • Fainan L, New York City
  • Gaby N, Greater Baltimore
  • Jack M, Austin
  • James L, Metro DC
  • J.R. P, Sacramento
  • Kaley L, Denver
  • Keenan K, Las Vegas
  • Lillian O, Chicago
  • Margaret M, Metro DC
  • Matt S, East Bay
  • Michelle F, Snohomish County
  • Nikko B, Metro DC
  • Quinn M, Austin
  • Renée P, San Francisco
  • Roy Z, Seattle
  • Samuel L, New York City

If you have any general questions, you can email the NEC at nec [at] dsacommittees [dot] org.