About the NEC

The National Electoral Committee (NEC), comprised of DSA members engaged in electoral work around the country, is the national body empowered to execute the NPC’s political strategy by assisting locals and recommending national endorsements. The NEC includes a national electoral training team and compliance, chapter outreach, endorsement, and training subcommittees. You can read about DSA’s electoral work last cycle here.

NEC Co-Chairs: Christian Bowe & Tascha Van Auken

NEC Members

  • Christian Bowe, Metro DC
  • Chris Riddiough, Metro DC
  • Allie Cohn, Knoxville
  • Dele Balogun, Chicago
  • Renée Paradis, New York City
  • Tascha Van Auken, New York City
  • Sarah Ganong, Central Connecticut
  • Adam Parsons, Columbus
  • Spencer Chan, Chicago
  • Yesenia Padilla, San Diego
  • Austin Binns, Philadelphia
  • Alex Nagle, Philadelphia
  • Devin McManus, New York City
  • David Greve, Pittsburgh
  • Jason Clayton, Metro DC
  • Keaton Slansky, Seattle
  • Felicia Hamilton, Boulder
  • Jessica Culberston, Akron
  • Rachel Reyes, Los Angeles
  • Abdullah Younus, New York City
  • Katrina Bergstrom, Los Angeles
  • Mark Masaoka, Los Angeles
  • AJ Reed, Quad Cities
  • Peter Simon, Denver
  • Lucas Pérez-Leahy, Omaha

If you have any general questions, you can email the NEC at elections@dsausa.org