Electing Democratic Socialists Up and Down the Ticket

Endorsement Applications

If you are a campaign seeking DSA’s National Endorsement, DO NOT use this form, as only chapters can apply for a National endorsement. You first need to be endorsed by your local chapter, then the chapter can apply for a National endorsement of the campaign. Campaigns that apply without a chapter that has endorsed them will not be considered, but will instead be pointed to their nearest local chapter to apply for their endorsement.

Chapters can apply for a National endorsement or shortened process re-endorsement (for re-elections) for their candidate or ballot initiative by filling out this form.

After a chapter fills out a request for a national endorsement, their point person will be contacted by the NEC for a one-on-one meeting and then sent additional forms for their campaign & chapter to fill out, including a questionnaire & dossier. Chapters applying to re-endorse a previously endorsed campaign in their re-election will have a shortened application.

Click here to see current & recent national DSA endorsements.