Our Endorsements

The 28 candidates that DSA national has endorsed so far are:

Julia Salazar, New York State Senate, District 18

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, US Congress, New York’s 14th District

Jovanka Beckles, California State Assembly, District 15

Geneviéve Jones-Wright, San Diego County District Attorney

Gayle McLaughlin, California Lieutenant Governor

Summer Lee, Pennsylvania House of Representatives District 34

Sara Innamorato, Pennsylvania House of Representatives District 21

Kareem Kandil, Pennsylvania House of Representatives District 30

Zellie Thomas, Paterson City Council New Jersey

Kaniela Ing, U.S. Congress for Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District

Brandy Brooks, Montgomery County Council Maryland

Danielle Meitiv, Montgomery County Council Maryland

Chris Wilhelm, Montgomery County Council Maryland

Kristin Seale, Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 168th District

Elizabeth Fiedler, Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 184th District

Gabriel Acevero, Maryland House of Delegates, 39th District

Vaughn Stewart, Maryland House of Delegates, 19th District

Amelia Marquez, Montana House of Representatives, 52nd District

Jade Bahr, Montana House of Representatives, 50th District

Franklin Bynum, Harris County, Texas, Judge, Court 8

Kara Gloe, Moorhead, Minnesota, School Board

Cliff Willmeng, Boulder, Colorado, County Commissioner

LaDawn Stuben, Arizona House of Representatives, 18th District

Marcus Ferrell, Arizona House of Representatives, 24th District

Zak Ringelstein, United States Senate, Maine

Mike Sylvester, Maine House of Representatives, 39th District

Tony Kelly, San Francisco Board of Supervisors, California – 10th District

Rachel Miller, Providence, Rhode Island City Council, Ward 13