Electing Democratic Socialists Up and Down the Ticket

Our Endorsements

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Next Election w/ Endorsed Campaigns: Tue, Nov 3rd. (General Election, Nationwide)

DSA has Nationally endorsed the following campaigns:


David Paredes for Fresno Unified School District Trustee, Area 5
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Dean Preston for San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 5
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Fatima Iqbal-Zubair for CA State Assembly, District 64
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Jackie Fielder for CA State Senate, District 11
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John Lashlee for Mountain View City Council
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Jovanka Beckles for AC Transit Board, Ward 1
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Konstantine Anthony for Burbank City Council
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Nithya Raman for Los Angeles City Council, District 4
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Yes on Measure C: Sacramento Rent Control
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Yes on Prop 15: Schools & Communities First
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Yes on No Eviction Without Representation Boulder Ballot Measure 
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Ed Lazere for DC City Council At-Large
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Janeese Lewis George for DC City Council, 
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Yes on Amendment 2: $15 Minimum Wage
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Arnold Farr for Fayette County Board of Education, District 5
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People First Portland, Ballot Measures A-E
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Franca Muller Paz for Baltimore City Council, District 12
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No on Measure B: No Tax Breaks for the Rich & Corporations
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Rashida Tlaib for US Congress, MI-13
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Jen McEwen for State Senate, District 7
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Cori Bush for US Congress, MO-01
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Danny Tenenbaum for State Representative, District 95
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New York

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for US Congress, NY-14
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Jamaal Bowman for US Congress, NY-16
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Julia Salazar for NY State Senate, District 18
Julia Salazar is a former organizer with Jews for Racial and Economic Justice who was first elected to the New York State Senate in 2018. She defeated a three-term incumbent and former NYC Council member while running on a platform of rent control, tenants protections, and openly supporting sex worker’s rights. During her time in office Julia helped pass a package of rent control laws that lowered evictions rates in NYC, and she helped repeal 50A to end the sealing of police disciplinary records.
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“It Really Comes Down to Empowering the Working Class” – An Interview With Julia Salazar (Jacobin, 6 July 2018)
The Next Big Socialist Win (The Indypendent, 7 August 2018)
Julia Salazar’s Win Is a Huge Victory for Sex Workers (The Cut, 19 September 2018)

Jabari Brisport for NY State Senate, District 25
Jabari Brisport is a public school teacher, union member, and third-generation Carribean-American running for New York State Senate District 26 in Brooklyn. He ran for New York City Council in 2017 and built enough grassroots support to win 30% of the vote, the best performance in over a decade for a candidate running for the city council on a third-party ballot line. Jabari is an active member of NYC DSA and is a leader in the Afrosocialist and Socialists of Color Caucus.
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An Interview With Jabari Brisport (Artforum, 10 June 2020)
State Senate Win Within Reach For Brooklyn Socialist Jabari Brisport (The Indypendent, 1 June 2020)

Marcela Mitaynes for NY State Assembly, District 51
Marcela Mitaynes is a Peruvian immigrant and tenant organizer with Neighbors Helping Neighbors running for New York State Assembly District 51 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. She first became involved with housing organizing after being evicted from her home of 30 years. Since then she has become an advocate for tenants and a leader in the fight against rezoning Industry City.
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Marcela Mitaynes, The Housing Candidate For AD51, Leads In Endorsements. (Bklyner, 7 May 2020)
Meet the Slate of Socialist Insurgents Running for Office in New York (Jacobin, 15 May 2020)

Phara Souffrant for NY State Assembly, District 57
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Zohran Mamdani for NY State Assembly, District 36
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Yes on Measure 26-214, Preschool for All, Multnomah County
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Nikil Saval for State Senate, District 1
Nikil Saval is a writer and community organizer who defeated a longtime Democratic incumbent for state senate in Pennsylvania’s primary this spring. In 2018, Saval helped to create the organization Reclaim Philadelphia to help elect DSA members to the state house. He will bring yet another DSA voice to Harrisburg, calling for Medicare For All, a Green New Deal with a just transition, and equitable funding for schools across the commonwealth.
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The Literary Socialist Who Won Big in Philly (Probably) (GQ, 12 June 2020)
How ‘outsider’ Nikil Saval toppled a longtime state senator in Philly (The Philadelphia Inquirer, 13 June 2020)

Elizabeth Fiedler for State House, District 184 (Uncontested Primary)
Liz Fiedler was first endorsed by DSA in her 2018 race for the Pennsylvania State House and has been endorsed again in 2020 for her reelection bid. In her first term, Fiedler introduced a Fair Workweek bill to support the working people of Pennsylvania by helping to secure scheduling and normalize pay across the state as well as legislation to halt the practice of non-consensual, intrusive pelvic exams that can traumatize and harm medical patients.
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How Elizabeth Fiedler beat the odds and the establishment in the 184th (City & State Pennsylvania, 26 June 2018)

Rick Krajewski for State House, District 188
Rick Krajewski is a community and criminal justice organizer, artist, and educator who recently defeated a longtime Democratic incumbent for state house in West Philadelphia. Before his election, he worked as an organizer with the community organization Reclaim Philadelphia, where he helped to elect District Attorney Larry Krasner. As a state representative, Krajewski will bring a much-needed vision of justice and equity for communities of color to the Harrisburg state house.
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Rick Krajewski declares victory over incumbent James Roebuck in Pa. House’s 188th District primary (Philly Voice, 16 June 2020)

Rhode Island

David Morales for State House, District 7
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Marquita Bradshaw for US Senate
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Greg Casar for City Council, District 4
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The NEC would like to thank the following 2020 endorsed campaigns for running strong primaries, even if they did not make it to the general:
– Justin Farmer for CT State Senate, District 17
– Anthony Clark for US Congress, IL-07
– Robert LeVertis Bell for Louisville Metro Council, District 4
– Ryan Fenwick for Louisville Metro Council, District 10
– Mckayla Wilkes for US Congress, MD-05
– Dan Michniewicz for Ann Arbor City Council, Ward 5
– Megan Green for State Senate, District 5
– Samelys Lopez for US Congress, NY-15
– Adam Bojak for NY State Assembly, District 149
– Heidi Sloan for US Congress, TX-25
– Mary Ellen Biggerstaff for State House, District 22, Position 2
– Rebecca Parson for US Congress, WA-06
– Alex Brower for Milwaukee, WI Comptroller
– Nada Elmikashfi for WI State Senate, District 26

Below are Nationally endorsed DSA candidates that won in 2019:
Dean Preston for San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 5
Jackie Goldberg for Los Angeles School Board

Carlos RamirezRosa for Chicago Alderman, 35th Ward
Jeanette B. Taylor for Chicago Alderman, 20th Ward
Byron Sigcho Lopez for Chicago Alderman, 25th Ward
Rossana Rodriguez-Sanchez for Chicago Alderman, 33rd Ward

Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler for Cambridge City Council, At-Large

Kendra Brooks for Philadelphia City Council At-Large

Michael Payne for Charlottesville City Council, At-Large

The NEC would like to thank the following 2019 endorsed campaigns for running strong campaigns, even if they did not win:
– Ugo Okere for Chicago, IL Alderman, 40th Ward
Marguerite Green for Louisiana Agriculture & Forestry Commissioner
– Curtis Tuden for Medford, MA City Council
– Brian Stawowy for Ferndale, MI Mayor
– Evan Dalley for Traverse City, MI City Commission
Nada Daher for Ferndale, MI City Council
Austin Strassle for Kansas City, MO 4th District Councilman At-Large
Megan Green for St. Louis, MO Board of Alderman President
– Liliana Rivera Baiman for Columbus, OH City Council At-Large
– Nicolas O’Rourke for Philadelphia, PA City Council At-Large
– Irma Corado for Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, Braddock District
Nicholas Da Silva for Richmond, VA City Council, District 5
Chanan Suarez for Whatcom, WA City Council, Ward 5
– Shaun Scott for Seattle, WA City Council, District 4