Electing Democratic Socialists Up and Down the Ticket

Past Endorsements


Dean Preston
for San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 5
Jovanka Beckles for Alameda-Contra Costa Transit Board, Ward 1
Konstantine Anthony for Burbank City Council
Nithya Raman for Los Angeles City Council, District 4

Yes on 2B: No Eviction Without Representation, Boulder, CO

District of Columbia
Janeese Lewis George for DC City Council, Ward 4

Yes on Amendment 2: $15 Minimum Wage

People First Portland, Yes on Ballot Measures A-D:
A: $15 Minimum Wage w/ Hazard Pay
B: Ban on Facial Surveillance
C: Portland Green New Deal
D: Rent Control

No on Measure B: No Tax Breaks for the Rich & Corporations

Rashida Tlaib for US Congress, MI-13

Jen McEwen for MN State Senate, District 7

Cori Bush for US Congress, MO-01

Danny Tenenbaum for MT State House, District 95

New York
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for US Congress, NY-14
Jamaal Bowman for US Congress, NY-16
Julia Salazar for NY State Senate, District 18
Jabari Brisport for NY State Senate, District 25
Marcela Mitaynes for NY State Assembly, District 51
Phara Souffrant for NY State Assembly, District 57
Zohran Mamdani for NY State Assembly, District 36

Yes on Measure 26-214, Preschool for All, Multnomah County

Nikil Saval for PA State Senate, District 1
Elizabeth Fiedler for PA State House, District 184
Rick Krajewski for PA State House, District 188

Rhode Island
David Morales for RI State House, District 7

Greg Casar for Austin City Council, District 4

The NEC would like to thank the following 2020 endorsed campaigns for running strong campaigns, even if they did not win:
David Paredes for Fresno Unified School District Trustee, Area 5
Fatima Iqbal-Zubair for CA State Assembly, District 64
Jackie Fielder for CA State Senate, District 11
John Lashlee for Mountain View City Council
Yes on Sacramento Measure C: Rent Control
Yes on California Prop 15: Schools & Communities First
Justin Farmer for CT State Senate, District 17
Ed Lazere for DC City Council At-Large
Anthony Clark for US Congress, IL-07
Arnold Farr for Fayette County Board of Education, District 5
Robert LeVertis Bell for Louisville Metro Council, District 4
Ryan Fenwick for Louisville Metro Council, District 10
People First Portland, Yes on Ballot Measure E: AirBnB Restrictions
Franca Muller Paz for Baltimore City Council, District 12
Mckayla Wilkes for US Congress, MD-05
Dan Michniewicz for Ann Arbor City Council, Ward 5
Megan Green for MO State Senate, District 5
Samelys Lopez for US Congress, NY-15
Adam Bojak for NY State Assembly, District 149
Marquita Bradshaw for US Senate, TN
Heidi Sloan for US Congress, TX-25
Mary Ellen Biggerstaff for WA State House, District 22, Position 2
Rebecca Parson for US Congress, WA-06
Alex Brower for Milwaukee Comptroller
Nada Elmikashfi for WI State Senate, District 26


Dean Preston
for San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 5
Jackie Goldberg for Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education, District 5

Carlos Ramirez-Rosa
for Chicago City Council, 35th Ward
Jeanette B. Taylor for Chicago City Council, 20th Ward
Byron Sigcho Lopez for Chicago City Council, 25th Ward
Rossana Rodriguez-Sanchez for Chicago City Council, 33rd Ward

Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler for Cambridge City Council, At-Large

Kendra Brooks for Philadelphia City Council At-Large

Michael Payne
for Charlottesville City Council, At-Large

The NEC would like to thank the following 2019 endorsed campaigns for running strong campaigns, even if they did not win:
Ugo Okere for Chicago City Council, 40th Ward
Marguerite Green for Louisiana Agriculture & Forestry Commissioner
Curtis Tuden for Medford, MA City Council
Brian Stawowy for Ferndale, MI Mayor
Evan Dalley for Traverse City, MI City Commission
Nada Daher for Ferndale, MI City Council
Austin Strassle for Kansas City, MO 4th District Councilman At-Large
Megan Green for St. Louis, MO Board of Alderman President
Liliana Rivera Baiman for Columbus, OH City Council At-Large
Nicolas O’Rourke for Philadelphia, PA City Council At-Large
Irma Corado for Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, Braddock District
Nicholas Da Silva for Richmond, VA City Council, District 5
Chanan Suarez for Whatcom, WA City Council, Ward 5
Shaun Scott for Seattle, WA City Council, District 4


LaDawn Stuben, Arizona State House, District 18
Marcus Ferrell, Arizona State House, District 24

Gayle McLaughlin, CA Lieutenant Governor
Jovanka Beckles, CA State Assembly, District 15
Geneviéve Jones-Wright, San Diego County District Attorney
Tony Kelly, San Francisco City Supervisor, District 10

Cliff Willmeng, Boulder County Commissioner, District 3

Sara Innamorato, PA State House, District 21
Kareem Kandil, PA State House, District 30
Summer Lee, PA State House, District 34
Kristin Seale, PA State House, District 168
Elizabeth Fiedler, PA State House, District 184

Kaniela Ing, US House of Representatives HI-01

Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, US House of Representatives, IL-04

Brandy Brooks, Montogomery County Council At-large
Chris Wilhelm, Montgomery County Council At-large
Danielle Meitiv, Montogomery County Council At-large
Gabriel Acevero, Maryland State House, District 19
Vaughn Stewart, Maryland State House, District 39

Jade Bahr, Montana State House, District 50
Amelia Marquez, Montana State House, District 52

Zak Ringelstein, US Senate, Maine

Kara Gloe, Moorehead School Board

New Jersey
Zellie Thomas, Paterson, NJ City Council At-large

New York
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, US House of Representatives, NY-14
Julia Salazar, NY State Senate, District 18

Rhode Island
Rachel Miller, Providence City Council, Ward 13

Franklin Bynum, Harris County Judge of Criminal Court at Law No. 8


JT Scott, Somerville Board of Aldermen, Ward 2

Ginger Jentzen, Minneapolis City Council, Ward 3

New York
Khader El-Yateem, NY City Council, District 43
Jabari Brisport, NY City Council, District 35

Tristan Rader, Lakewood, OH City Council At-large

Jon Grant, Seattle City Council, Position 8