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Illustration for DSA's National Electoral Commission featuring objects and scenes relevant to electoral campaigning such as speech bubbles, a voting box, clipboard, and data

DSA’s National Electoral Commission

The Democratic Socialists of America is a member-led political organization with chapters in all 50 states. Since 2016, DSA chapters have provided direct support to campaigns for candidates for local, state and national office as well as dozens of local and state ballot measures. Implemented by our National Electoral Commission, DSA’s electoral work is a vital part of our larger struggle for political and economic democracy. When the working class fights, we win.

Our Campaigns

Nationally endorsed candidates and ballot measures reflect DSA’s commitment to the transformational change urgently needed in working class communities. Our candidates and elected officials support workers on the job site and the picket line, and recognize the central role public service plays in enabling a fairer future. DSA-supported ballot measures have expanded early childhood education, guaranteed sick leave, protected tenants and the reproductive rights of people in areas that have been written off by traditional party elites.

The only way forward is together!

DSA members and chapters can level up our electoral success in a variety of ways. Join a local canvass. Log onto a nationwide phonebank or textbank. Donate to our nationally endorsed candidates. Or volunteer to organize opportunities like these for like-minded democratic socialists everywhere.