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Chapter Resources

Apply for an endorsement

National endorsement is an option for campaigns endorsed by local DSA chapters. After filling out a brief form, you will receive materials to guide you in describing your campaign and the election in some detail, as well as a candidate questionnaire for campaigns for office. The NEC recommends you begin the national endorsement process at least 10 weeks before voting starts.

NEC Grant Program

DSA awards grants to selected nationally endorsed campaigns where supplemental resources may boost close campaigns to victory. All campaigns are strongly encouraged to raise funds before and after receiving grants, and fundraising mentorship may be a condition for some grant awards.

Quick tips

  • DSA expects nationally endorsed candidates to be members of our organization. If someone you know might be a good candidate for office, get them involved with your local chapter! No better way for them to connect with the organizers they will build with before and after election.
  • When evaluating a district for a potential campaign, calculate the win number. Knowing where your chapter has the greatest density of members is also useful, as are district results in recent presidential elections.
  • Celebrate your milestones! Plan a campaign kickoff and let all campaign supporters know about key endorsements, community activities and media appearances.
  • Fundraising is vital, even for socialists. Campaign tools like dialers, textbanking platforms and brochures require funds. Helping voters remember your candidate is democracy in action, even when most of your energy is focused door to door.

Chapter Mentorship

Members of the NEC and DSA’s electoral organizer are available to talk to chapters with electoral work at all stages of development. Whether you’re just getting started, seeking ways to level up your chapter’s leadership and impact, or could use advice on your campaign strategy, DSA’s electoral mentors are eager to talk.

Electoral Toolkit

COMING SOON! The NEC is working on a comprehensive electoral toolkit, featuring trainings and guides for campaign practices and electoral tools. In the meantime, many videos from prior trainings are compiled on our link.tree.